Recycle & Reuse: Recycled bees.

Datum objave: 27. August, 2018.

Last Friday, 24th August, at the Recycle and Reuse workshop held in Murter’s kindergarden we learnt something more about a very important little animal which every child can recognize – the bee. The goal was to build a new bee-shaped toy with recycled materials, to play a lively game and all the while to learn something more about these insects.

To begin with, the children painted some hexagonal pieces of cardboard to build a hive and some little drawings of bees to populate it, while hearing about the interesting social life of these animals.

Then, they used materials such as plastic bottles, caps, pieces of paper and poster paint to create their own recycled bees. They even gave them names, from the classic Maja to the very descriptive and funny Bumbarboca (Bumblebee-bottle)!

After this creative part, children where ready for some active play. They divided into two teams and lined up near their “hives”. When their names were called, they had to run with their bees towards a paper flower, to take a candy and to bring it back to the hive, while avoiding some waste material scattered through the route. In this funny way, they learnt how bees have to travel to and from their hive to procure sweet nectar from flowers, and how they must avoid dangers such as pesticides.

It was really nice to see the children proud of their creations and having fun with them!

This workshop has also completed the ARGONAUTIC EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM cycle for the summer of 2018, and we want to thank our children and volunteers for their creativity, patience and fun! 🙂

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