E-booklet Recycle & Reuse.

Piše: Lana Skelin — 9. October, 2018.

The E-booklet was created within the ‘Children’s Educational Program'(summer 2018.) by the Argonauta association. The E-booklet contains a description of 6 creative workshops for children on following topics: recycling, re-use of discarded items and separate collection of waste. The E-booklet is designed for anyone who works with children aged 5 to 8, and for those who want from their earliest age, with a creative approach, to raise the awareness about separate waste collection and environmental protection.

Workshops ‘Recycle & Reuse’ were created within the ‘Children’s Educational Program'(summer 2018.) made by Argonauta association. They were held on Wednesdays and Thursdays during July and August 2018 in the villages of Murter, Tisno and Jezera. At the workshops of the association, the children were teached by the employees, associates and EVS volunteers, how to sort and recycle the waste.
The goal of the workshop was to show, in interesting and creative ways, how to create new interesting games, toys, practical items and ornaments by using plastic bottles, bottle caps, carton boxes, toilet paper tubes, egg boxes and old newspapers.
To make the story complete and complementary, animal toys whose survival is directly linked to environmental pollution were produced. That is the way how to build the creative thinking and ecological consideration into children from their early ages.

Each of the aforementioned ‘Recycle & Reuse’ workshops contains its goal, a list of materials required, and a description of a specific task. The E-booklet itself is consisted of 6 creative workshops, on the subjects:
– football in the box
– the railroad
– dancing octopus
– sea dog lunch
– save the turtle
– do not worry be happy

We call on all those working with preschool children and have the desire to educate them to become the “active protectors of the planet” from their early ages, to use this e-booklet in their actions and thereby contribute to environmental protection.

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