Eight teams measured their strength in the construction of dry stone walls.

Datum objave: 23. October, 2018.

On 13th October 2018, on Gradina peninsula in Murter, the 2nd Croatian Championship in dry stone walls building was held in the area of the archaeological site Colentum. It was organized by the associations Argonauta and 4 Grada Dragodid, in cooperation with Murter-Kornati Municipality, the Murter-Kornati Tourist Board and the Museum of the City of Šibenik.

Despite a week’s delay due to bad weather and the resignation of some of the teams, the competition gathered eight teams that had the opportunity to show the art of dry stone wall building to all those who met in this beautiful location. A sunny day without wind also gave its contribution to the great atmosphere of the day!

The teams started to arrive at 9 a.m. On the archaelogical beach there was some marenda and coffee that the participant could enjoy after the registration and before starting the competition. Toni Turčinov, mayor of Murter-Kornati, gave a welcoming speech, emphasizing the importance of Colentum and of its dry stone walls from different ages and expressing his hope that events like this championship will valorize further this valuable archaeological heritage and will promote the tradition of construction of dry stone walls. Argonauta and Dragodid then introduced the tournament and its rules, and the competition started!

At each tourn, two teams had 15 minutes to build two parallel walls. The most important criterion for winning was the length of the wall, measured by judge Miran Križanić from association Dragodid, supported by experienced dry stone wall builders Ivo Šikić Bažokić from Murter and Marijan Škoda from Povljana. The competitors were also encouraged by the comments on the aesthetic look of the wall and by advices on the construction techniques.

The last tourn finished at about 12.30 p.m.. Before lunch, served by sponsor Marina Hramina, the winner was declared. The team “Hripari” from Murter won the cup, which this time remains on domestic ground. For the sake of competition, the contestants also built a dry stone wall along the road from Murter to Betina, so that everybody could give his or her contribution to the look of this area.

Many thanks to all the participants and the sponsors and donors who made this competition possible: Ministry of Culture, Šibenik-Knin County, Murter- Kornati Municipality, Murter- Kornati Tourist Board, Marina Hramina, camp Rehut, camp Slanica, butcher shop Šikić, fish shop Dajna, Ilok cellar, fruit shop Valentino, Tureta agency, Sitotisak Mateka.

The event is in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Below you can find the list of the team and their ranking:


Gaj Laberije (Gardun)

  • Ivan Bašić
  • Marino Klarić
  • Jorja Storić
  • Josip Ćapin


Babulji (Dragodid B)

  • Mario Zaccharia
  • Julia Bakota
  • Romina Tominić
  • Dora Rajic


LAG More 249

  • Zlatko Srdarev
  • Marko Juričev Martinčev
  • Tea Juričev Martinčev
  • Jadran Kale



  • Ivan Škoda
  • Miodrag Škoda
  • Dino Škoda
  • Domenik Pogurilić


DVD Vodice

  • Dino Durović
  • Marinko Mićin
  • Nikola Tintor
  • Danijel Juričev


Hripari (Murter)

  • Marko Kovačev
  • Jurica Kovačev
  • Lovre Mudronja
  • Matej Šikić



  • Filip Šrajer
  • Mario Švencbir
  • Miše Renić
  • Nikica Dini Renić


Extravaganza (international volunteers of EVS project Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza 4)

  • Luka Eraković
  • Heroís Muñoz Puyol
  • Burak Ozcan
  • Sergio Capriati


  • Hripari (Murter), 466 cm
  • Dragodid, 436 cm
  • Shaver, 425 cm
  • Babulji (Dragodid), 360 cm
  • DVD Vodice, 352 cm
  • Gaj Laberije (Gardun) 315 cm
  • LAG More, 290cm
  • Extravaganza, 267 cm


Photo: Marko Škoda, Vlatka Maleš

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