Datum objave: 23. October, 2018.

The Autumn Patrol Eco-patrol started with new patrols from the schools of Tisno and Murter, who were eager to join our team and become the “active patrons of their island”.After having broken the ice of the meeting with some games, we presentedto the kids the theme of today’s workshop – WIND ENERGY.Our goal was in an unusual way, through games, to familiarize the children with the importance of using renewable energy sources- such as WIND.

The wind energy comes from nature and is constantly renewed as the energy of sun, water and plants. The challenge is to transform the power of the wind into electricity, this can be done using wind turbines, giant wind-powered machines. They are always located in the area of ​​high wind power, for example at the top of the hill. Like all other sources of energy as well as wind energy, there are both positive and negative sides that we have tried to present to the children through games.

In a competition game between fossil industry and wind turbines, we tried to show to the children the positive wind power sides contrary to the negativity of non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels. The wind turbines, unlike fossil fuels, are not chemically and biologically polluting the environment and by their uses reduced the import of fossil fuels. The game has a competitive character between the group that represented the fossil fuel industry and the wind turbine group. Finally, the group “fossil fuels” took the victory, which unfortunately reflects the real life. In the second game, children had to figure out how many houses, electric cars would be supply by their wind turbine,with a strong wind, and how much would reduce CO2 emissions in a year.

Using a windmill model we present what parts it’s made of, how it works and all the negatives it carries. Children expressed their creativity through the development of a flying dragon, a kite, and origami birds. Since the wind wasn’t so strong, kite was off only to the most persistent ones. Bravo!





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