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Datum objave: 16. November, 2018.

Argonauta Association presents a new e-manual: Let’s do it! Blue Campaigns, which is the result of the youth exchange “Youth 4 C” held in September 2018. The e-Manual contains practical tips on how to plan an environmental campaign, what to pay attention while planning and implementing it, and also provides insight into four ecological campaigns that “Youth for 4” successfully implemented in Murter.

The youth exchange “Youth 4 C” has gathered 40 participants from 8 different countries to share their knowledge about sea protection, transfer the current problems from their countries and acquire skills to help the aquatic environment through education, innovation, information and cleanup actions. As a result of the 9-day program, four campaigns Let’s to it! Blue campaigns were launched, “tested” and finally summed up in this manual.

The E-manual contains practical tips on how to design a campaign, how to target group’s needs, how to promote it, measure its effectiveness, etc. The first part of the manual is practical, and can serve everyone who is planning a campaign. It contains good ideas for those who deal with pollution and environmental issues, with emphasis on the marine environment. The E-manual sums up four campaigns: two campaigns have an educational character for working with children, an informative campaign where young people tried to awaken local businessmen and locals of over-consumption of plastic and encourage them on change, and the fourth campaign aimed at inventing an attractive and stimulating ecological cleanup action.

Participants agreed in one: “If not now, when? If not me, who?”  and share their knowledge, experiences and motivations into this e-manual, which we hope will serve everyone who wants to inspire more people to change and thus, protect the planet we live in.

Download the e-manual in the publications or on the link:


Also, see the promotional video exchange organized by the Argonaut volunteer, Michela Facciotti on the link:



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