Being a firefighter is not easy.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 20. November, 2018.

This Saturday, unlike previous Eco Patrols, it was quite different. Indeed, we moved a little from the Argonauta association’s office, and we visited a fire station in Tisno. Firefighters or fire station employees welcomed us warmly. Three firefighters responded to all the questions of our very interested Eco patrols kids. They have explained to us their duties and responsibilities, and not just fire fights. Firefighter’s trucks and vehicles, firefighter’s clothing for forest fires, protective boots but also the most interesting: helmets were shown to the kids. These helmets were impressive for the kids and they had the chance to try them.

Full of impressions, and probably with the desire that they would one day become brave firemen, we went for a walk in Jezera, on the coast. Here we practiced the motor skills as a real firefighter, with plastic bottles filled with water and stones, we were supposed to crash them using a ball. We learned the trees and shrubs of coastal forests, and we saw Aleppo pine, tetivika and small smudges on the spot.

After that we played a game where we tried to ‘save the forests of fire’. We also got through the game, met with a flammable tree, ALEPPO PIN, which produces pine cones that can fly up to several tens of meters and spreads fire to surrounding areas.

Skill and resourcefulness were shown by the children in a competitive game between two firefighters team. The team that can transfer, in his tank, more water won. Some rest time was found in our French volunteer game where kids learned colors in French.

At the end of the workshop, the tired bodies of our small Eco patrols kids showed us how effective the workshop was, and how successful it was. Thank you for your energy !

See you next Saturday!

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