Training about volunteering programs in Split.

Datum objave: 24. November, 2018.

Argonauta’s staff participated in the two-day workshop “Volunteers management within projects funded through the European Social Fund” of the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, conducted in the premises of the branch of the National Foundation in Split by Tanja Tešija and Antonia Matković from the association “Mi”.

The training included all the important steps to follow to establish a successful volunteering program within civil society organizations. Moreover, there was an overview of all the basic terms: what is volunteering and who is actually a volunteer, which forms can volunteerism take, which ones are less represented in civil society and for which ones there is room for development. The participants presented their experiences in the implementation of volunteering programs and analyzed the steps that are important in order to achieve high quality standards, especially within ESF projects.

Through lectures and exercises, many examples of volunteer positions and numerous experiences in project implementation were presented, giving rise to new ideas and laying the foundations for potential volunteer positions within the organizations. Argonauta’s employees reminded all the important steps for a quality volunteering program and established new contacts to implement new projects. A great attention was put on the volunteers and their needs, especially as an important date is approaching: 5th December, the International Volunteer Day.

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