Watching the sky.

Datum objave: 26. November, 2018.

The dark Saturday was the perfect day for the workshop topic- METEOROLOGICAL ELEMENTS. We started this workshop by studying the clouds. There were not enough clouds in the sky, so we had to create our own cloud in the jar and we called this activity “We create clouds”. We also learned to recognize the different kinds of clouds in the sky, but also what weather they are bringing and in which heights they stand. To better remember them, we create them using paper collages and drew them to the improvised sky at the height they came to.

Then we introduce to the Patrol Kids some of the winds, characteristic of the Adriatic seashore: bura, jugo, maestral and tramontana. With a compass we determined the sides of the world and drew the rose of the wind on the parquet. That rose wind helped us a lot in the next game, to help our Patrol Kids to get a good start, because it’s not easy to be a wind.

We experimented with an airborne devastating force – TORNADO. Our tornado was “fantasy” with glitters and glass container.

Our French volunteer organized a french workshop. This time, according to the subject, we learned meteorological elements and phenomena, and tried to predict the weather on the island of Murter, all in French.

In the game “be ready to go outside” we checked out whether our patrols are able to wear their clothes in accordance with weather conditions. As we thought, time shifted their problems, they were left with ease.

And in the end, we learned something about snowflakes. How they arise, what is the difference between them and how they are, and why they have very different shapes. Then we created a big 6-part snowdrop, each part made by one of our valuable eco-patrols.

See you next time dear Patrol-Kids…

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