Recruitment of students to participate in the “Blue Project”.

Datum objave: 27. November, 2018.

A new phase of Plavi Projekt, the “Blue Project”, started: the pilot implementation of the socially useful learning program of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb. The first activity of this second phase was an informative lecture aimed at recruiting students for the development of socially useful learning projects.

The lecture was attended by about 40 interested students. Professors Lada Radin and Martina Đuras presented five mentoring programs developed in cooperation with the higher education institution OCD and with Nives Mikelić – Preradović, an expert in socially useful programs. The topics of the mentoring programs are:

  • Sea patrol;
  • First aid for wounded dolphins and sea turtles;
  • Surveillance of critical habitats;
  • “Dolphin/sea turtle-friendly” behaviours;
  • Dead dolphin/sea turtle: what to do, how and why.

Argonauta’s employees then provided the participants with educational materials to help them to write their CVs and motivational letters for the project. Students are invited to submit their application via e-mail, including the indication of a preferred mentoring program’s theme.

The submission deadline is November 30th, 2018, and applicants will be notified about the selection results after January 15th, 2019. We are looking forward to students’ applications and to collaborate further with students to develop socially useful learning projects!

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