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Datum objave: 2. December, 2018.

This Saturday we started this Eco-Patrol with an offensive game: the fight against overcrowding, uncontrolled urbanization, illegal construction, excessive use of pesticides, and pollution and pollution of nature. Usually, young people in the world, they know these problems, but sometimes they just seem like indifferent. In our Eco – Patrols we want to point to the importance of active participation in society, not just passive observation.

We introduce them an unknown term – URBANIZATION. This is the process of increasing the population of the city and the transformation of rural settlements into the city. Because of this, there is a danger to the green area, which is less and the concrete surfaces are growing. The massive urbanisation involves many problems and reduces the quality of life. After that, our children with the help of drawn maps and icons of paper had to build their dream city and where their house would be. Of course, the boys positioned their house near the soccer field, the girls near basketball and tennis, and some patrol kids were owners of several houses and apartments. A view on the sea or on forest was also one of the demands, and to the question why no one has a house first row to the sea, the answer was clear because of the flood.

Then we have demonstrated the degradation stages of the Mediterranean forests through a sportive game that probably left tired the patrol kids, we know that some of them are likely to have muscle inflammation. We believe that this game will remain in memory and be of great help when they are studying this topic, or sport, at school.

We also conducted two experiments. In the first we showed and explained what pesticides are and why they are used, and what their negative effects on nature and man. In the second experiment, we have shown the soil’s performance as a water filter: it is a medium that reduces the harmful impact of pesticides on the environment.

In the game ‘human beings on nature’, it was necessary to reach the goal and learn something through it. Indeed, it is necessary to learn the laws of nature. Nature has to be respected because she “remembers and returns”. Taking care of nature we look after our present and future.

With a vivid and optimistic view of the future, we welcome you to the next Eco – patrol.

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