Argonauta participated in the Natural History Week.

Datum objave: 6. December, 2018.

Argonauta participated in the interdisciplinary scientific-promotional event “Tjednu Prirodoslovlja” (Natural History Week), held for the third time on the island of Korčula, that aims at promoting the values of natural sciences among the population with the participation of numerous experts and scientists from Croatia and abroad.

So far, the project’s activities focused on speleological and biospeleological research on underground karst phenomena, caves, pits and karst springs; on interdisciplinary research on protected areas, especially the Badija islands, the Hober park and Kočje; and on research on agro-biodiversity and the biodiversity of flora, fungi and terrestrial and freshwater fauna.

Since this year’s edition, the event is organized by the newly founded natural science association Adriatica and the activities are continually expanded, especially in the direction of education. Alongside naturalists and researchers from all over Croatia, Argonauta also found its place in educational activities: we gladly answered to the call and promoted our work and the power of informal methods in the education of children and youth.

Argonauta’s representative lectured the public about the necessity of awakening the love for nature in people from a very early age. With the lecture “Nature – love from a young age” adults could experience informal methods of education and, for a while, be children again!

Nature not only allows life on Earth, it also serves as an inspiration for many biological patents, and we can learn from nature from a very young age. Unfortunately, the spirit of discovery in today’s children is suppressed by the fast pace of life, and they are deprived of many values that they could learn from nature.

During a workshop devoted to sharks, the children from Lumbarda and Korčula learned about the importance of these animals for the marine ecosystem and about the role of Posidonia meadows as “kindergartens” for many species, and more in general they could experience informal methods of learning. They were keen on discovering all the information that nature preserves, and are waiting for more activities of this kind!

Association Adriatica is already planning the next edition of the Natural History Week, and we are looking forward to give our contribution and to share our knowledge and experiences in order to jointly promote the values of natural science to all age groups.

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