Argonauta’s eco-Christmas.

Datum objave: 14. December, 2018.

Eko Božić (“eco-Christmas”) is an Argonauta’s campaign within the Murter-Kornati Municipality’s program “Božić je u mome mistu”. With it, we want to encourage children and adults to look at Christmas as an opportunity for spending quality time together, developing creativity and raising awareness about a sustainable way of living. Since the beginning of December and until Christmas, we will be storing one “chocolate candy” every day in our Advent Calendar. Our candies are not edible: they are suggestions and ideas about how to spend an ecological Christmas, while also having fun!
How to make an Advent Calendar from recycled materials, how to create decorations with materials you can find in your home, how to wrap your gift easily and cheaply, are just some of the ideas that Argonauta’s people are posting every day on their Facebook page. There are also eco-recipes, because what is Christmas without something sweet?
During Christmas, enormous amounts of money are spent on gifts and decorations that may end up in the garbage the next day, not to mention things like the wrapping paper which are explicity short-lived…
To create an even warmer Christmas atmosphere this year, we hope that you will try at least a few of our tips, while also having fun in an ecological way! Creativity and quality time spent with the people you love cannot be bought by any amount of money, don’t you think?

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