Murter Christmas Square..

Datum objave: 18. December, 2018.

Our strenuous eco-elves (patrol kids) this Saturday, with song and laughter, completed Christmas decorations to make everything ready for the ‘Murters Corner’ in the center. This eco-patrol was open to all, the aid of the interested people and passers-by was expected, but nobody came. Still, it did not trouble our Patrol Kids who were ready to finish their Christmas business by the end.

After making their ornaments, they moved them to the place they were supposed to get, which was not that easy. Most of these ornaments were significantly larger than our small but powerful eco – elves. By the steep stairs and across the road, they took all the ornaments with surprising ease and agility, and made the perfect place for Christmas look and ambience.

With the help of the Christmas spell, the vivid spirit and ecological awareness that they have gained through these two months of eco – patrol, they have transformed waste and materials from nature into a beautiful Christmas scene created for ‘shooting’ the most beautiful Christmas photos. We hope that in this Christmas corner you will feel the joy and beauty that eco-athletes feel while decorating it. In the end, the children deserved the appropriate t – shirts and caps of the eco – patrol donated to them by the Argonauta association.

In the holiday atmosphere we end the eco – patrol workshops for this year. We’ll see you next year, and by then you will enjoy your holidays, and happy Christmas and New Year 2019.

P.S. Make sure your holidays are ‘ECO’!

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