Thirty selected students will participate in the activities of the “Blue Project”.

Datum objave: 31. January, 2019.

Thirty students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb have been selected to participate to the activities of “Plavi Projekt” (Blue Project).

In November, an informative workshop was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb. Students were informed about the Blue Project and its activities and were invited to send their applications to Argonauta. Our association received nearly fifty submissions, among which many applications from international Erasmus+ students.

Finally, Argonauta selected thirty candidates according to the competences that best suit the profile required for the project. The results of the selection have been sent to them by email, and detailed instructions for the participation will follow soon.

This spring, the participants will take part in field activities in Pula and Murter, and later they will implement their own projects related to the protection of marine environment. The projects will be based on the five mentoring programs of the Blue Project, developed by professors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb in cooperation with representatives of civil society organizations and experts in socially useful learning: sea patrol; first aid for wounded dolphins and sea turtles; surveillance of critical habitats; “dolphis/sea turtle-friendly” behaviours; dead dolphin/turtle: what to do, how and why.

We congratulate the selected students and wish them a successful participation in the Blue Project!

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