The Awake of Nature.

Datum objave: 5. March, 2019.

Spring is coming with it, a nice time. That is why our Eco-patrols will increasingly be maintained in nature. We started this Saturday with a experience, to show how plants get water up to 30 m in height. The fact is that plants unlike us humans and animals do not have a heart or a pump that suppresses blood in all organs, but they use different phenomena, like capillarity, to make travel the sape in all the plant.

After the experiment, the patrol –kids went out. The task was to get to the destination with the help of the map. The path and the instructions were made to reflect not only about the awakening of nature but also on the awakening of the inhabitants of Murter. So they recorded all the changes in nature and the environment, and asked the passers-by if they started preparing for the upcoming season and how? One of the answers was: ‘Everything is ready, the chains are opaque and stamped, the tourists ordered.’

When the patrol-kids found the final destination, it was  time for learning through the game. First they needed to understand the importance of the sun in the life of the plant, and after that they showed the development of the rootstock. They also discoverded photosynthesis: all the way to the production and movement of glucose and oxygen from leaf organelles (chloroplasts).

After the game, we encouraged children to explore nature in the early spring. Each team has a list of natural elements that can be found at this time of year. Found elements such as buds, insects, and leaves should have been photographed and drawn.

We finished the workshop putting hands in the soil. We returned to the Argonauta rooms to plant seeds of different types of plants in cardboard packaging such as egg boxes. Impressive if our seeds are overwhelmed, we welcome you and we hope you will use this beautiful time just like we are, exploring and watching the awakening of nature.

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