New amphorae for the game “Flavours from the amphora”.

Datum objave: 13. March, 2019.

Udruga Argonauta, as part of the project “Colentum’s Archaeological Treasure 7”, is implementing various activities aimed at promoting and valorizing archaeological site Colentum, enhancing the existing contents and developing new informal methods of education inspired by them

The project started in October 2018, and one of the activities, the production of amphorae for “Flavours from the amphora”, has just been completed. The replicas of the amphorae were created by the Turčinović family, members of Zaokret, one of our partner organizations in this project. In a few days the replicas, made of clay, will be thrown into the sea in front of Murter’s beaches, waiting for the summer and the first swimmers and divers. Who will find an amphora with a medallion that carries the name of one of Murter’s restaurants will win a dinner for two!

We remind you the rules of the game: you need to bring the amphora with its medallion to the office of Murter-Kornati Tourist Board, where the staff will give you instructions about the dinner. The amphora itself remains property of the finder as a souvenir. The amphorae without medallion can also be retained.

This project is carried out by Argonauta in partnership with the association Zaokret and in cooperation with the Municipality of Murter-Kornati.

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