Play in the sand.

Datum objave: 19. March, 2019.

If anyone asks what Murter is known for, one of the answers would be to be the beautiful sandy beaches. It was indeed, the best place to set this Eco-Patrol, this Saturday. Namely, sandy beaches consist of ‘milled’ rotten rocks, shell fragments and other bio-materials from a particular area waved and streamed on the shore. Sand is actually a material that is generated by decay and rock breaking over the years. Some minerals are very unstable, so they break faster, while others are more stable and stronger, so we can find them more often on the beaches.

In order to classify the hardness of the found stones on the beach, we subjected them to the hardness test. Using different tools (coins, other stones, glass) we tried to scratch the surface of the stone. The hardest hardness of the found stones was blue, which came about when the foam was thickened with rich gas. Because of this, this stone is very light and porous and can float on the water.

We used this topic to teach children the traditional African game called Awale, which is usually played with seeds in the country. We adapted it to the theme and we played it with the help of stones and sand. As every game needs to be lucky, it’s also necessary to ‘twist’ the brain’s spine.

During the workshop, most of them had been captured by the creation of art in the sand, so much that they forgot about lunch, and left until afternoon hours to defend their fortresses in the sand from the ruthless waves.

We greet you from the beautiful beach of Slanica, surrounded by sunshine and smoked sand.

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