Hidden treasure of sea depths..

Datum objave: 2. April, 2019.

This Saturday all eco-patrol kids have become the Argonauta’s small scientists. From their leaders they were given the task of discovering and exploring two species of sea. Shared in two groups, they first discovered which sea species should be explored. After that, step by step, with various tasks and activities, they gathered all the necessary information about this species and thus came to the hidden treasure, and most importantly, they became the Argonauta experts for the sea species.

They explored the simplest groups of animals, adapted to the sedentary lifestyle, SPONGES AND CORALS. On the exploration route they learned that the coral reef is home to half the world’s flora and fauna of the sea and the ocean. Unfortunately, they are severely affected by global warming and acidification of the ocean.

Unlike coral, sponges are relatively indifferent to these negative influences and tolerate higher levels of contamination. Thus, in some parts of the Caribbean, the replacement of coral reefs in reef sponges has resulted in a complete change of the original ecosystem

Finding the hidden treasure was the greatest possible acknowledgment for expertise and perseverance at the end of this research trip. What’s in the treasure is a secret, but we can tell you that every patrol has brought with him some of the treasure that will always be remembered by the eco-patrol and our beloved volunteer from France.

Greetings to all, and especially to our beloved volunteer Morgane, who with this last workshop, has finish eco-patrol activities <3.

By the way, your eco-patrol kids .

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