Successful field work for VEF students in Murter..

Datum objave: 2. April, 2019.

15 students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb, accompanied by the professors, visited this weekend Murter together with representatives of the Pula Marine School and volunteers for the purpose of field teaching within the “Blue Project”.

Students had an introduction to field teaching on Friday, recalling the theoretical part of the College of Fundamentals of the Good Dolphin Anatomy, the Basics of Systematics and the Evolution of Marine Mammals, and the Basics of Marine Biology and Marine Physiology. The students repeated the knowledge passed on these courses, and prepared for a Saturday boat trip and dolphin monitoring.

On dolphin monitoring, the students went on Saturday at 8.30am from the Hramina harbor in Murter. Two ships sailed in different directions in search of dolphins, and both groups finally had success – dolphins appeared near the ornamental bushes and barges near the Vrgada island after about an hour after landing! Students took advantage of the opportunity and photographed the observed dolphins to analyze and comment with their colleagues after returning to Murter. The students all the time recorded on the boat dolphin appearances in the CroDolphin application, whose promotion was also funded through the “Blue Project”.

Subsequent afternoon students spent analyzing the photographs by browsing the dolphin catalogs run by professors at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine by comparing photographs to determine if some of the individuals recorded during the last outings on the field by the VEF professor were noticed.

Work on the development of student projects took place during the morning on Sunday, where mentors from Argonauta introduced informal learning methods to students in practice on project development and implementation, analyzing one of the Argonauta projects and various interactive tasks. At the end of the day, the students started developing their personal projects within their groups and presented the steps they need to take to make the project realistically realistic. Realization of student projects is expected until the end of the academic year.

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