Eco Action “Green Step”.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 5. April, 2019.

The Argonauta Association, in cooperation with the Murter’s school and local stakeholders, is organizing the eighth dm action to collect old paper entitled “The Green Step”. This year the collection of old paper started in early March, and the weighing of the collected paper will be held on April 03, 2019, from 12:00 am between the oil mills and warehouses of the utility company “Murtela” in Murter. In addition to primary school students, all other citizens are invited to do a “green step”, ie join the action.

The action is held at the level of all elementary schools in Croatia since 1.3.2019. until 31.3.2019. The goal of the action, aside from collecting as many old paper as possible, is to encourage children to take care of the environment and actively contribute to its protection. Each school participating in the Green Step action will be awarded by Unijapapira with an equivalent purchase price per unit of weight (500 kn / ton). The ten most successful schools will be rewarded by dm with optional equipment or services in the amount of 8.500 kunas, while HEP will reward the most successful class of the entire action with an excursion to the National Park and / or the Nature Park.

We hope that the competitive spirit of this year will not disappear. Keeping in mind that every ton of collected old paper saves up to 17 trees, it remains to see how many of our small Murter will succeed in saving trees this year.

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