From the Eco Action “Green Step”, to the victory.

Datum objave: 5. April, 2019.

This Wednesday, 03.04.2019. the third dm collection of old paper “Green Step” was held in Murter. More precisely, among the oil mills and warehouses of the utility company “Murtela”. For the weighing of the collected paper were present the staff of the association Argonauta and Primary School of Murter.

This is also the largest event held in Murter, as 6 tons of old paper was collected, significantly more than last year when almost 4 tons were collected and a little more than the previous year (5683 kg). What is not surprising to us because not only children have joined this action, but also their parents with equal fervor and competitive spirit from the beginning, to the end results.

From the lower grades the victory was convincingly carried by the 4th grade, with 1361 kg of collected old paper. Furthermore, in the higher classes the fight was tight, and in the end they beat sculls, with 11 kg in front of the bench. We do not have to write, how disappointed it was in the ranks of the children, almost no tears came. We are waiting for you to retreat next year.

We have to thank: Uljari Murter, who each year weighs the scales without you knowing who the winner is; the company “Unijapapir” on a paper container, big enough to get us all the collected paper; The Murtela utility company, which provided us with a last-minute rescue and sent the excavator Jura to send us the paper because our container had become too small in time; and all the supermarkets that are left out of the carriage, we hope the carriages are returned.

To end, we can proudly say that our little Murter saved up to 102 trees. Bravo !!!

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