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Datum objave: 5. April, 2019.

The end of the volunteer service came for our volunteer Michela Facciotti, who came from Italy in August 2018. During the seven months of service, Michela had the opportunity to participate in various activities of the association, implement her ideas, learn some new skills and feel that one ” breathe. “
During their volunteer service, EVS volunteers are invited to create their own personal project that reflects their interests, skills and somehow links them to the community they came to. Our Michela felt the natural beauty of Murter and used them as an inspiration, and her review on the project and the publication, read below.

“Since I have experience in ecology and territorial sociology, passion for hiking, and interest in photography (a skill far beyond perfect but here I had the opportunity to train), in a way I have come to a personal project that combines three elements: a booklet in which includes thirteen places on the island of Murter, which are somehow personally resident and special: children who grew up in Murter, adults who were born or worked in Murter and international volunteers who discovered the island in adulthood.

With this project I wanted to better understand how different people see and live an island, encourage participants to look back on their relationship with the island, and I hope they will encourage readers to go outdoors, see new places with new eyes and explore new tracks.

The final part of the booklet is a photo gallery containing the pictures I have taken during the months spent in Murter. They represent landscapes and details that for some reason “stuck for the eye” as memories of worthy memories. Looking at them now, I realize that the paintings and the selected places from the other participants, say something about Murter, but in the end, much more about me.

Enjoy every way in every time. “

Michela is thanked for her contribution to the Argonauta, and readers are recommended to read the publication “Paths on an Island“.

Recommended to read.

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