An Argonauta’s volunteer go to the Festival of Science.

Datum objave: 18. April, 2019.

Our volunteer Morgane Mauduit since October 2018, as a place of residence, Murter. The student of chemical engineering came from France to “learn the life school” and to apply her knowledge in informal education and popularization of science.

The popularization of science among students was what motivated our volunteer to realize a personal project. Morgane’s initial idea developed into something more and linked the education of school students of the Murterski škoji, the promotion of volunteerism and participation in the Zadar Science Festival. March was a great deal for Morgane, indeed she came up with the realization of two workshops, helped by three worthy volunteers – eight elementary school students from Murter.

The “Plants and Colors” Workshop was meant to make chemistry interesting and to explain how we are from the initial three colors, to the fact that today there are over 30,000 chemistry, of course. The children also tried the African method of coloring the fabrics, where they could see that red cabbage could get blue, pink and green, and vinegar showed itself as a true “magical fluid” that makes miracles. During the Sponge Workshop, children learned what special powers these animals possess, but also how to spin their sponge for washing and recycling discarded socks.

Morgane will also perform at the Science Festival in Zadar on April 9, 2019, where the children from Marsaška’s student association will be educated about plants, colors, chemical processes and we hope that she will be able to pass on his love of science and science.

The schedule of our workshop, as well as the entire program of the Festival, read:

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