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Datum objave: 18. April, 2019.

For the seventeenth year, the Science Festival is held in Croatia, and for the first time this year, for the first time, Argonauta association, with its volunteers, participated in the Festival. The idea of ​​the Argonauta’s EVS volunteer Morgane was to bring science closer to the students, show it interesting, omnipresent, and “easy to use”. With this vision, Morgane helped with the help of the 8th grade elementary school Murterski škoji created a workshop that was presented to the student union Maraska from Zadar.

As nature can be a source of inspiration, volunteers have brought together what surrounds them – plants, with the theme of the festival – colors, and featured chemistry in an interesting release. In the “Plants and Colors” workshop, the students learned how we came from 3 basic colors to over 30,000, which we owe the blue jeans color and why we would get the Nobel Prize for which the textile industry is so polluting the environment solutions. After an interactive theoretical part, the students were divided into groups and tested African dying techniques with plants and spices that can be found in everybody’s home. Some groups were more successful in coloring than others, but “magical liquids” showed all the magic chemistry … For pH value, some of the students heard it for the first time, but they intrigued them when they saw the results with vinegar or soda bicarbonate get a work of various colors and carvings.

We have intrigued the students for science, students Klara, Cvita and Lucija for science and volunteering, and Morgane has successfully carried out his personal project! Occasions, from scratch

We would like to thank the teachers Dušanka Dujić for successful cooperation, students and cooperatives for presentations and activities at the workshop, and Klara Rameši, Cvita Božikov and Lucija Lovrić, volunteers for their engagement and the Science Festival that enabled us to encourage young, potential scientists to watch the world through the prism science.

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