Overcome fears.

Datum objave: 22. May, 2019.
This Saturday we had a difficult task for children, to approach insects that are the most numerous and the most widespread animal species in the world, most commonly burning with fear and disgust. Therefore, we have slowly introduced the children through the game to the diverse world of six-legged animals. In the classic Memory game, but with insect drawings, they had to find the same par with the names of the detected insects in Croatian and Italian. The next game was a bit harder and it was necessary to link the insects with the associated damage/benefits to the people. In this game they dealt with unknown concepts, such as propolis – a bee product, known since ancient times as a natural antibiotic. They also dealt with insects that don’t feed on parts of plants like other types of insects. After breaking the ice with these fun games with which we touched the world of insects, we went into the nature to get closer to this small, but extremely important animals. Namely, our aim was to create an insectorium, or a kind of, to guard and observe insects. Captured insects were placed in a jar with alcohol, and we pay attention that all the insects caught had three pars of legs, since this is one of the major morphological difference between insects and other anthropodes (spiders, stonoges, scorpions). Eventually, we gathered various insects that will wait us the next time!


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