A study visit to Sinju was held for LAG members 249.

Datum objave: 23. May, 2019.

27th June, the Local Action Group 249, member of the Argonaut association, organized a study visit to the LAG area of ​​Cetina Krajina.

The first members visited the gallery of Sikirica and the Museum of the Sinj Alka. All the legacies of Sinai’s forearms, located in the magnificent Alka Museum, was a bit outdated. Numerous interactive contents, valuable exhibitions and the intriguing history of the Sinj krajina, combined with an interesting interpretation of the curator, are delighted by all gathered. LAG members also had the opportunity to introduce the life and work of the well-known sculptor Stipe Sikirica, born Sinjanin, by visiting the temporary exhibit “Stipe Sikirica – between private and public” in the Sikirica gallery.

The tour continued with the visit of OPG Mravak, the esteemed beekeepers of this region. The hosts presented their work and demonstrated the facility used for storage and preparation of honey and honey products (beeswax, clocks, propolis …). Members had the opportunity to try some of the delicacies of this region, such as soparian and homemade cheese. After the beekeeper, the group visited OPG Moro, the breeder of the first industrial hemp in Croatia. With industrial hemp products such as tea, cream, flounder honey and protein biscuits, OPG Moro is engaged in domestic breeding of crocodiles and the production of eco eggs.

The excursion was concluded with the Assembly of LAG members and socializing in the tavern of Sv. Roko in Čaporice. The organisers shared with their hosts their experiences and introduced them to the culture of this region.

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