Students of Ethnology and Anthropology visited the collection of Marko Mudronja Rebac.

Datum objave: 24. May, 2019.

On Friday, May 10, 2019, students of ethnology and anthropology from the University of Zadar were accompanied by prof. Jadran Kale with 6 Erasmus students.

The students visited the Marko Mudronja Rebac Collection of Local Heritage and discovered all the sights hidden by the collection and the island.

After Professor Kale’s introduction to Murter in general and its history, Luka Ježina, from the Murter-Kornati Municipality, introduced the current projects on the island related to cultural heritage, tourism and gastronomic offer. He also told them something more about the former military complex on Raduč Hill, which hides a series of tunnels and facilities attractive to our visitors. Students had also the opportunity to be informed about the Colentum archaeological site and ask questions about the topics they are interested in.

What followed was a tour through the Collection which was guided in English by Jelena Curic, collector’s granddaughter. Students learned how they once lived on Murter, which companies, associations and cooperatives were established, when the first tourists visited the island, what was worn and prepared in the 19th and 20th c., which were local customs and many other interesting things supported by photographs and original objects and tools that are in the collection.

We hope that the students have enjoyed spending time in the rest of the island’s sightseeing, learning a lot of new and interesting facts and that they will again have the opportunity to visit us.

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