Lets meet our new volunteers.

Datum objave: 27. May, 2019.

On the Day of the Open Door of Argonauta association and two new volunteers from Italy and Turkey visited the Primary School of Murter. They have promoted volunteering and the way students can join the volunteer activities of the association. Thus, within the framework of the Erasmus + program, they joined the project “Sea is Life 8“, which is carried out as the eighth continuation of successful projects “Sea is life 1-7“.

The main objective of the project is to increase the importance of sustainable development and untapped local community potential, the development of the educational center for sustainable development of the island and the coast. Volunteers will help in the daily activities of the Education Center in the summer season, create educational and creative workshops for children, assist in promotional and administrative affairs in the organization, assist in the preparation and implementation of youth exchanges, local volunteer actions and develop their own personal project.

The “Sea is Life” project promotes multi-language, tolerance, environmental care, highlights the benefits of participating in Erasmus + projects and helps volunteers develop their personal and professional qualities. This project encourages the development of personal competences and directs volunteers to capitalize on their talents, all for easier job finding after the implementation of volunteer service. This project encourages the development of personal competences and directs volunteers to exploit their talents, all the purpose of finding employment easier after carrying out a volunteer service.

A young anthropologist from Turkey and  a graduated of philosophy and history from Italy which presented the historical, geographical, traditional and cultural attractions of their countries.

Mertcan in a lecture explaining the meaning of his last name in English “crazy”, which in Croatian means “lud”, and also touched comparison between Turkish and Croatian languages. Silvia revealed to us that one of their most famous Italian writers was born in Sibenik, Nikola Tommaseo, and recommended to the children to read one of his famous works “Iskrice”.

For the information of our volunteers, children presented the key reasons for choosing Croatia as the country where they wanted to volunteer. Thus, one of the most important reasons were the enjoyment of beautiful nature and sea, acquainting the culture and tradition of our country, learning Croatian language, and gaining friendships.

We hope that everything will go as planned and enjoy the beauties of the island of Murter with newcomers from the islands of Murter and Croatia.

Silvia and Mertcan welcome to the Argonauta team!

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