Bug Hotel.

Datum objave: 31. May, 2019.

This Saturday assignment was very clear, we had to study all the bugs we got last Saturday and make an insectarium that consisted of 17 interesting insects and one larvae. The children were supposed to figure out what kind of insects there were. First they examined them well, because most of the insect names were given by their morphological characteristics. Then they joined each insect with a proper name and the type of food it eats. For example: ladybug and stink bug are fed with pests from the garden, while the firebug, which is often replaced, because of its same color and similar pattern, with the harmful cabbage bug (attacking cabbage) which eats dead organic matter and seeds.

With the help of insects and patrolmen, the patrolmen were well acquainted with the insects’ body, they had the opportunity to see the difference between the adult insect (imaging) and the developmental stage preceding the larvae. For example, we had a bumblebee fly, which is very useful because it even eats up to 20 to 30 times per day.

By using the “Best Ants” and “Butterfly Shelters” we raised the energy of patrols to be ready for the next task – building a hotel for insects. The plastic construction, made of plastic baskets for fruits and plastic bottles, was filled with various materials from nature: cane stems, cones, twigs, straw … The rain was in the air and we did not finish the task, we just had to find the perfect place to set up a hotel for insects, so the hotel bugs would have to wait until the next patrol.

There are so many interesting and various insects and  this time Eco-patrola taught kids to reduce their fear and disgust for these animals. We hope we succeeded, and they eventually built a beautiful hotel.

We greet you, enjoy the nature without fear but with a cautious …

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