Making Shadow Theater.

Datum objave: 31. May, 2019.

This Saturday, the task for our children were in charge of a creative task – made the shadow theater, from cardboard boxes and hammer paper, on biodiversity and sea protection.

The aim of the workshop was to create four major Adriatic habitats – sea meadows, sand bottom, sea cliffs, caves – and animals that are characteristic of each habitat. For example, life on sea cliffs can be compared to life in a skyscraper where everyone lives on its floor, and the most common inhabitants are sponges, snails, corals, crustaceans, but also a terrible snakeskin fish.

Our kids are the main link in the implementation of the Kornati project – it is important to know the project Sea 5, which consists of three components: ecological puppet show, murmur eco – patrol and educational excursions. Namely, children participated in all three project components, which are included in this workshop. Specifically, they created the shadow theater that will be the head of the equipment during the educational excursion to NP Kornati, where eco-patrol children and children with special needs will participate.

Our young participants were very happy and even more motivated when they found out that their shadow and doll theater would be intended for children with special needs.

See you next time…

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