The beach cleaning event with volunteers and HEP employees.

Datum objave: 6. June, 2019.

HEP employees from Split and Zagreb together with joined volunteers of the Argonauta for cleaning to beaches in Murter. Before the cleaning event itself, volunteers learned through informal learning methods, reminded of the impact of plastics and micro plastics on life in the sea and the environment.

For five consecutive years HEP Supply and Buyers of “ZELEna” have edited the environment and planted trees around HEP’s hydroelectric plants Ozalj, Kraljevac, Čakovec, Zakučac and Vinodol, with the aim of increasing awareness of responsible business operations towards the nature and environment. The action of “100 green trees” resulted in a significantly larger number of planted trees than planned, so HEP Supply this year launched a new action “Our ZelEn Story“. Socially responsible business is part of HEP Supply’s organizational culture and a positive and useful way of engaging in the community.

On behalf of the Argonauta, we also believe in all the inhabitants of Murter, also we thank the valuable volunteers for their contribution and we hope that the environmental care will continue to be carried out day by day.

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