Educational trips to NP Kornati.

Datum objave: 17. June, 2019.

Argonauta Association organized three training trips to Kornati last week as part of the Kornati project – it is important to know the Sea 5. The Šubićevac Center and the Kamenčić Association, Gymnasium Antun Vrančići students, Juris Dalmatinac and Pirovac Elementary School students and eko-patrol children participated to a day trip to Kornati National Park. The Kornati educational trips are part of the Kornati project – it is important to know about the Sea 5, where Argonauta has realized extracurricular activities – Murter eco-patrol and Sea is alive!- all year long. The project was funded by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and the value of the project was 94,916.67 kn.

The users of Šubićevac Center from Šibenik and children of elementary schools have used these excursions for socializing, learning and creating new memories with their assistants and teachers. On the way through Kornati, the children met the various marine habitats through the shadow theater, prepared by Argonauta’s volunteers. This brought children together with special needs and talented children and established a new relationship with diversity and encouraged them with mutual support. Through an educational workshop, children demonstrated their creativity, but also collegiality, and were happy to help each other. The Educational part for high school students was a bit different so the children, with the help of knowledge in math, teamwork and creativity, solved the Kornati equation. As one of the excursions was held on the 8th of June, on the International Ocean Day, we shared the importance of the sea and the ocean.

To protect something, we have to love it, and to love something we have to know! We hope that through this project, users will learn more about the sea and that their daily habits will contribute to the protection of the sea and the environment.

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