Datum objave: 26. June, 2019.

As part of the project “From Agonauta to the Municipality of Tisno”,  today we have carried out the activity called “Eco Cups for our Spužvice ” with the aim of reducing the single use of plastic packaging in kindergartens on the island of Murter. Today children in Tisno and Jezera have received their reusable cups from bamboo, and in the coming days the action will be held in a kindergarten in Murter and Betina.

From the donations of the Tisno Municipality, bamboo reusable cups and wooden holders were purchased for them. Each eco cup has a label with a specific animal so that the children can remember their cup, create a connection with the subject, and thus the habit of using multiple use cups for drinking. Through the game and with the help of our “Hoba Boba”, the kids draw their glasses out and learned something more about the dangers of a single use plastic.

Given the ever-increasing problem of environmental pollution with various wastes, the issue of educating children about proper waste management is a matter of concern. For this reason, Argonauta association wants to awake the new generations of the importance of environmental care and the potential consequences for improper waste disposal. The existence of the generation of today’s children is seriously endangered if we continue to use single use plastic packaging in the quantities used today, so it is necessary to react at this time if we want them to provide a brighter future.

Within the institution “Spužvica”, there are six kindergartens: in Tisno, Jezera, Betina and Murter, which is attended by 157 children aged from one year to six. Everyday use of single use plastic cups has been disbursting around 3000 on a monthly basis. We belive this project will reduce plastic waste and that children will adopt positive habits and transfer them to others.

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