The first workshop was held “Blue Wednesday”.

Datum objave: 8. July, 2019.

This summer, the Argonauta, along with the Rotary Club of Ljubljana donations, was organized nine free workshops for children aged 5 to 8 called “Blue Wednesday”. The workshops will be held every Wednesday through July and August, in the evening in the center of Murter.

The main aim of these workshops is to enrich the young generation of the sea and ocean and to teach them in a fun, educational and creative way. The topics of “Blue Wednesday” will change from week to week to educate children through the game and informal learning methods to educate the protected species of the Adriatic Sea, the threats that ocean and sea have to face today, and the importance of preserving the ocean and marine ecosystems.

On the 3rd of July, our first “Blue Wednesday” was held, on which topic was “How are the oceans made?” With peach and simple children game, the “untie knot” we got closer to the participants as the continents moved through history, and how today’s oceans were created. After that, we “sailed” our oceans and learned their names, and a few interesting facts about the oceans, such as where is the “Nemo” point and what is the “Shark Cafe”. Participants also researched marine animals and learned their names by playing of the hunting game.

Through these training workshops, we believe that young generations can raise awareness of the protection of marine, plant and animal life within them. You can find “Blue Wednesday” on our Facebook page ( See you next Wednesday! We are looking forward to your arrival!

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