3rd edition of Eco-patrol E-manual.

Datum objave: 19. August, 2019.

The 3rd edition of the Eco-patrol E-manual is available to all interested who want to encourage environmental activism by working with children in a non-formal and fun way. The E-manual is intended for children from 10 to 14 years old and contains 11 workshops that combine investigation of nature and society, biology, ecology, marine ecology, geography, chemistry, native history true non-formal learning methods.

Through this E-manual we realized those 11 topics:

1. Waste Management
2. No to Plastic Bags
3. Water innovation
4. Wind Power
5. Food as medicine
6. “Liquid Gold” Olive Oil
7. Microplastics
8. Being a Firefighter
9. Look at the Sky
10. Stand on the Ground
11. Eco-Christmas Campaign

Through the team building, practical work, experiments, educational trips, interactive presentations, environmental actions and campaigns in the local community, treasure hunt, games for concentration and motivation, Eko-patrol kids were educated about the environmental topics that raised their environmental awareness and love for nature.

The great contribution and international character of Eco-patrol activities come from the volunteers who, through the EVS project “More Life 7”, helped to implement the “Murter Eco-Patrol” program and turned their own vision into action.

We hope that this manual will find those who wish to preserve Earth with their actions, so it can be a healthy and admirable home for generations to come!

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