Various program on the occasion of the “Roman Colentum Day”.

Datum objave: 20. August, 2019.

As the end of summer approaches, traditionally, it’s time for “Colentum Night.” This year, instead of one day, the event was extended to three days with various contents.

On Wednesday, a tour to Murter’s history is scheduled. The first stop of the excursion tour is the archeological site Colentum, where excursionists from the tourist community of the Municipality of Murter-Kornati can find out all about the past of the ancient city of Colentum. The excursion departure is at 9.30 am from the center of Murter, the tour is free of charge, and participation is required in advance at the Murter-Kornati Tourist Board.

On Thursday, we will have a program for our youngest when Argonauta staff will hold a workshop inspired by Roman dishes. The workshop “Small pottery – Roman vessels” will be held in the square in front of the “Studenac” shop from 8 pm. The workshop is designed for children 5-8 years old and participation is free.

The events of Wednesday and Thursday are an introduction to the main event, “Colentum Night.” The event takes place in the area of ​​the archeological site Colentum (Gradine, Murter) from 7 pm. In addition to the Argonauta Association fair, which will contain something for everyone (laurel wreaths, Roman helmet making, mosaic making, prize draws…), the Colentum will also feature a performance by the Virko Theater from 9 pm Odyssey at the School and a quartet concert from 10 pm. Also, everyone gathered will have the opportunity to enjoy a snack to be held at the venue.

Join us and support the valorization of the Colentum site with your visit!

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