Argonauta’s Summer Educational Workshop “Blue Wednesday” Completed.

Datum objave: 2. September, 2019.

This summer, the Argonauta Association, with donations from Rotaract Club Ljubljana, organized free workshops for children called “Blue Wednesday”. Workshops were held in the centre of Murter, every Wednesday through July and August, in the evening.

The main goal of these workshops was to raise awareness of the wealth of the seas and oceans and their protection in a fun, educational and creative way. The children thus had the opportunity to learn about the richness of the sea, the connections and relationships of its inhabitants, as well as the problems that the oceans and oceans face, which are largely responsible for the people themselves.

Whether the seas are true blue deserts, how coral reefs are formed, which are protected species of the Adriatic, what is global warming, and how it affects the seas and oceans, and what sailors need to pay special attention to when anchoring is just part of what children have learned from Blue Wednesday workshops, and hopefully they will pass on their knowledge to others. Workshops of “Blue Wednesday” also took place in Jezera during the “Viva waterfront” event and at Marina Hramina in Murter.

Argonaut ‘s long – term volunteer Mertcan, who conducts his volunteer service as part of the EVS project Sea is Life 8, also contributed to the implementation of the workshops.

Until next summer – study, research, preserve, ask, plant, clean, encourage, educate and be a true little marine protector!

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