Our Matija is flying to Strasbourg! Wondering why?.

Datum objave: 4. October, 2019.

Through August and September, Youthpass and Eurodesk invited all users to a contest for the most creative slogan for the millionth Youthpass Certificate!

Among all the slogans, the best one was selected, namely from the Croatian participant who received his first Youthpass at the Argonauta Youth Exchange “Youth 4 C”, which took place on September 2018.

As a reward for his creativity, our Matija won a trip to Strasbourg for the European Youth Event (EYE2020) and says the following:

“Hello, I’m Matija Konjevic and I own two youthpass certificates which I am very pleased with. I would like to thank the Argonauta and LAG Vallis Collapis associations for being involved in their projects. I applied for the first project out of curiosity and would recommend to all people of goodwill to do so and experience something new because I am travelling to Strasbourg for the European Youth Event! I won the youthpass contest for the most creative slogan that reads: “Youth pass(es) by, but the knowledge and experiences stay for life! Make yourself a time traveller throughout Erasmus + galaxy and enjoy numerous projects!” When I participated in another project, I was already instructed on how to approach such projects and what to expect. On such projects, you can just be thrilled and have lots of stories to tell and believe each one is special in its way and people are interested. Like everywhere else in life, you have to take the first step. I can tell you that open access to people and creativity in workshops are appreciated. My participation in these two projects has aroused the desire to continue to participate, and therefore to work on myself. I wish you all a pleasant day, a month and a year, and if we find ourselves on the same project, I will be glad to meet you.

In addition to Matthias and the Argonauta, the organization feels rewarded – a kind word, appreciation, and the realization that our projects, our work, and our efforts can truly contribute to the development of young individuals is more than enough! <3

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