Implementation of “Blue Project” Completed.

Datum objave: 31. October, 2019.

“Blue Project – Contribution to DKU Program Development at VFSZ” officially ended today.

The final press conference, the opening of the Education Center at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb and the distribution of the handbook concluded the project activities.

18 months of the project brought new experiences, knowledge, partnerships and socially useful projects. 30 students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, their professors, mentors from civil society organizations and volunteers participated in the project. Together, 10 socially beneficial projects have emerged that will certainly have a long-term effect on the protection of the marine environment, ie the protection of dolphins and sea turtles.

Argonauta Association as project manager can conclude that the project goals are fully met: students have made a contribution to the community by designing and implementing DKU projects and become active citizens, and long-term partnership of involved partners, after the success of the project and excellent cooperation, will certainly be achieved through some form future project proposals.

The saying goes “Motivation drives us to start, and the habit of moving on,” so we believe that the end of the project will motivate us to come up with new ideas and joint projects. We would like to thank everyone who during these 18 months contributed to the realization of project activities and the fulfilment of project goals!

Photo: Jon Levitt

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