Argonauta participated in Natural History Month in Korčula.

Datum objave: 14. November, 2019.

Argonauta staff participated in the Natural History Month in Korčula organized by the Adriatica association. As early as mid-October, the organizers began a rich program for elementary and high school children, and this week there were some interesting public lectures, where an Argonauta employee gave a lecture on “Oil or Water?”.

Argonauta staff also held workshops for children in primary and secondary schools. High school students were introduced to karst forms, the way caves and pits are formed and why the cleanliness of our underground and water in it is important. They made their sugar cubes of rubble to figure out how caves and pits are formed, and they portrayed the process that otherwise takes millions of years in just minutes. To children, the rubble is explained through a “grey box” and a way to filter water through mini filters that they have made. With this workshop, we wanted to bring to the attention of the children the importance of karst and its protection in which they can participate.

In the workshop, “Island management in the hands of children” the little Korčulans became the board of directors who had to decide on how to manage the island. The children had to “get into someone else’s shoes” and briefly become the director of a tourist resort, a farmer, a cattleman, an ecological association or a fisherman. Children are encouraged to think outside the box, to understand the importance of their voice, and to actively participate in protecting the values ​​they have highlighted. Everything that they want to preserve is found here – the sea, the sea and the sea in the first place, but also various places on the island, moreška, carnival and other traditions.

The future of our islands, our karst, natural beauties and resources will soon come into the hands of children – we teach them what sustainable development is so they can put their visions into action and not waste time repairing the damage created by previous generations.

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