Training for the Local Coordinators of ‘Blue Eco-Patrol’ Project is Completed.

Datum objave: 21. November, 2019.

Argonauta association as the coordinator of the ‘Blue Eco-Patrol’ project in cooperation with the Local Action Group “MORE 249” and other project partners, has finalized weekend seminars for 20 selected participants. The last educational weekend was held in Rastoke. The training aimed to empower the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to run the ‘Blue Eco-patrol educational pilot program’.

Eco-literacy, ecological footprint, good economy, food and sustainability, and quality of life and sustainability, as unbreakable links, are just some of the topics that participants learned in these three weekends. Examples of good practice from around the world showed how many innovative solutions are being offered and how many people are building sustainable communities and caring for the future of the planet and the next generations. Participants also acquired knowledge of non-formal learning, how to design and guide it, and how to encourage children to take their stands in the promotion of sustainability.

To test what they learned, participants designed four workshops for upper elementary school children and through experiments, play, practical work, simulations, visualizations, and various non-formal methods, covered four topics that promote children’s environmental awareness and action on the principles of sustainable development. Participants had the opportunity to present their work, but also to feel on their firsthand the value of non-formal methods in teaching and motivating children to learn and act. The success of their work could be seen in the delight of other participants, who tested their knowledge and attitudes in a fun way, acquired some new knowledge, connected themselves and discovered hidden talents within themselves.

The participants confirmed their knowledge and skills to be quality local coordinators of the ‘ Blue Eco-patrol educational pilot program ‘ which will be implemented in Murter, Tisno, Pirovac, Vodice, Brodarica, Primošten and Rogoznica from January 2020. From trained participants, seven of them will be selected for local coordinators of the ‘ Blue Eco-patrol educational pilot program’ and will lead a group of twenty patrol children. We also believe that all other participants will continue to contribute to the implementation of the ‘ Blue Eco-patrol educational pilot program’ and thus remain part of this group of enthusiasts.

The ‘Blue Eco-Patrol’ project started on June 1st, 2019, and lasts for 22 months. It is co-financed through the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program with HRK 1,152,000.00, while its total value is HRK 1,280,000.00.

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