How are our volunteers doing in France?.

Piše: Ivana Marin — 26. November, 2019.

Ines and Lucia are French students in Zadar, who have been “mastering” their favourite language since last month in the French city of Orleans. Through the European Solidarity Force, volunteers help with the work of the Mobility Center, and from their report, you will see for yourself that their work is meaningful, interesting and useful.

Below we first write Ines and then Lucia


10/10/2019 The first intervention we had during the Mobility Week at Orléans University. Promoting all forms of mobility.

18/10/2019 Introducing all forms of mobility at Saint Croix saint Euverte High School. Speaking about your own Erasmus experience and some differences with volunteering.

24/10/2019 Introducing the European Solidarity Corps – what it is and what it is all about.

Blablahours, Halloween Edition. The concept is conversation in different languages. This event was, for the most part, my organization, in fact, the first project where I mostly had the independence to do something I wanted, even though the concept itself already existed in CRIJ, but in a slightly different way.


The first month was spent exploring the city, other volunteers and colleagues. We are all satisfied with the accommodation, which is in the heart of the city, although the organizers have made every effort and have provided us with annual public transport tickets. My mission is focused on environmental protection, sustainable development and solidarity in the Aselqo Center in the Madeleine neighbourhood. Aselqo is a community centre where various activities are held for people of all ages, such as playing board games, guitar lessons, dancing, cooking, painting on silk and canvas, etc. To more easily adapt and inspire myself for future projects, I participated in most of the activities offered, one of which is the French language course I continue to attend. Besides, I conducted a digital survey with a mentor to find out how all Aselqo centres in Orléans currently stand in terms of recycling and generally sustainable development. We will celebrate European Waste Reduction Week with elementary school students in a fun and educational way.

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