Educational workshops for students of seven elementary schools in Šibenik-Knin County started as part of the pilot implementation of the Blue Eco-Patrol project.

Datum objave: 21. January, 2020.

In the organization of Argonauta association, as the promoter of the Blue Eco-Patrol project, and the Local Action Group “More 249” and other project partners, “Pilot implementation of the Blue Eco-patrol educational program” has started in seven elementary schools of Šibenik-Knin County “. The program will be implemented in the school year 2019/2020 with students of grades 5 to 8. The aim of the educational workshops is to introduce students to the principles of sustainable development through non-formal learning methods.

The first educational workshop entitled “How much we tread our planet” was held on January 18, 2020. In each of the seven schools in the Šibenik-Knin County, a group of 20 patrolling children was formed, who, with the local coordinator, began to carry out the activities of the Blue Eco-Patrol within the mentioned workshop. The aim of today’s workshop was to create a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere for work and learning, to become aware of how much we tread our planet, how much responsibility we have for the resources, how problems can drive the whole wheel of consequences, and how to encourage on the reduction of ecological footprint.

Through various non-formal methods and experiential learning – friendship ball, role plays, energizers, ecological footprint, impact wheel, time capsule, teamwork – the environmental awareness of children and acting on the principles of sustainable development was promoted, as well as introducing children to reflection after each activity within the workshop. Reflection has proven to be an extremely important and essential component of the activity, as it enables the patrolling children to express their feelings, reflections and to make a critical reference to the activity that took place. Thus, patrolling children actively participate in the creation of activities, and develop mutual trust.

According to the first educational workshop, we believe that the remaining six workshops (Renewable Energy, Food and Sustainability, Is the Sea Sour, Green and Blue, Concept of 7 R’s, Together for a Cleaner Environment) and a joint trip to the Kornati Islands in June 2020 year, pass more than good! We look forward to the upcoming educational workshops! Until then, follow us on the Blue Eco-Patrol website and the Blue Eco-Patrol Facebook page.

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