How our “RRR-Recycle, Reduce, Reuse” educational workshop was created.

Datum objave: 29. January, 2020.

As you already had the opportunity to read, on December 12 we held our educational workshop “RRR-Recycle, Reduce, Reuse” for students of the second grade of Murterski skoji Primary School. Even branch birds know that the Argonauta team is organizing various training workshops whenever they come from, and this is particularly pleasing to us because they are the education of children with a great story about our volunteers, international cooperation and network for a higher purpose. Our former EVS volunteer Serena Lisai, who volunteered with our association on the Sea is life 7 project and now works at the Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource in Brussels, has sent us an invitation to get involved and contribute The European Week for Waste Reduction- Just before that, our new EVS volunteer, Claudia Calamia, joined our team, who volunteers with our other EVS volunteer, Mertcan Çılgın, as part of the “Sea is life 8” project. Accepting Serena’s invitation, we concluded that participating in the European Waste Reduction Week could be Claudia’s first task. In the short term, Claudia designed this whole workshop. She created the concept and the preparation of all the materials and equipment needed for her, and we were excited to wait to arrange a workshop with teacher Jasenko. The workshop was led by our colleague Lovro Lucev, Mertcan Çılgın recorded, photographed and assisted with the implementation, and Claudia, in addition to designing and preparing the entire workshop, edited this excellent video which you can watch at this link: / watch? v = ysUuBl55Sw8

We are delighted to have contributed to the European Waste Reduction Week with this educational workshop, and we are even more pleased to see in this example that our projects are living, bringing people and organizations from different European countries together, all for higher education the goal is to educate children and preserve our only planet.

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