What have the patrols learned about renewable energy?.

Datum objave: 12. February, 2020.

Organized by the Argonauta Association as the promoter of the Blue Eco-Patrol project and the Local Action Group More 249 and other project partners, in seven elementary schools in Šibenik-Knin County as part of the Pilot Implementation of the Blue Eco-Patrol Education Program in the school year In 2019/2020, a second educational workshop was held for students in grades 5 to 8.

In each of the seven schools, a group of 20 patrolling children was formed to carry out Blue Eco-patrol activities with the local coordinator. Today, February 8, 2020, a second educational workshop called “Renewable Energy Sources” was held. Local coordinators carried out activities with the patrolling children within the mentioned workshop, and the aim of the workshop today was to raise awareness of the forms of energy and its importance in daily life; information on energy sources and their sustainability or unsustainability; encourage understanding of cause and effect relationships in the use of different energy sources; raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy in sustainable development; encourage information and ideas sharing to find better solutions as well as improve presentation and creative skills and group work, but also encourage creativity, collaboration, innovation and the use of renewable energy.

Students were introduced to the principles of sustainable development through non-formal learning methods and experiential learning – invisible ball, role-playing games, energizers, media literacy, digital materials, windmills and cardboard houses with their wind energy, teamwork. In this way, environmental awareness of children and action on the principles of sustainable development were promoted. Child patrol officers continue to become familiar with reflection after each activity carried out within the workshop and thus actively participate, develop and deepen their mutual trust.

The Blue Eco-Patrol project started on June 1, 2019, and lasts for 22 months and is co-financed through the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program for HRK 1,152,000.00, while its total value is HRK 1,280,000.00.

Five more educational workshops are waiting for us, Food and Sustainability, Is the Sea Sour, Green and Blue, eRRRRRRRiz !, Together for a Cleaner Environment and a Joint Trip to the Kornati Islands in June 2020! We look forward to the upcoming educational workshops, and until then, follow us on the Blue Eco-Patrol website and Facebook page, https://ekopatrola.org/, https://web.facebook.com/plavapatrola/.

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