Participate in the “24 Hours Without Plastics – Croatia” Event.

Datum objave: 17. February, 2020.

There is always room for good ideas in the Argonauta association, and the Kolo craft initiative called “24 Hours Without Plastic” caught our attention immediately!

Behind the “24 Hours Without Plastics – Croatia” initiative is the Kolo craft and owner Lucija Kvorka, who, she says, has recently realized her own need to contribute to nature, given that nature and the environment, and the special sea, face a huge amount of plastic that we use it every day without thinking. With this Event, Lucia will strive to encourage individuals who are eager for change to contribute to a better and cleaner environment.

The idea is that through this initiative, we all try to find an alternative to plastic for one day! Although this event encourages day-to-day thinking and action to reduce plastic use, it is symbolic of the day “24 Hours Without Plastic” selected on April 22, 2020, the day when Earth Day is celebrated. By reducing the use of plastic that day, we will give Earth a chance to breathe!

The Argonauta association will organize a coastal clean-up action in cooperation with the Kolo craft, and we will inform you about the date and venue soon. For more information on the Event and the possibilities for participation, please follow the FB page “24 Hours Without Plastic- Croatia”.

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