Soon a children’s playground in the Colentum area.

Datum objave: 17. February, 2020.

Within Measure 19 “Support to Local Development under the LEADER Initiative (CLLD – Community-led Local Development)” of the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia by the LAG “More 249 ″, the Municipality of Murter Kornati has been granted the funds under the tender” Investing in starting, improving or expanding local basic services for the rural population, including leisure and cultural activities and related infrastructure. “

This amounted to HRK 214,962.50, and the Subject Request for Support was received at the LAG office, More 249 ″ last year, and approved in February this year. The funds, according to the approved project and purpose, are intended for a children’s themed historical playground on a plateau near a Roman cistern. When a project for the Colentum Archaeological Park, which is a major undertaking for the near future, is added to this playground, the story of the ancient city of Colentum will be completed with the new playground.

The thematic historical playground will certainly be used by local children with joy in the spirit of the past, but also by all visitors to Murter, especially the participants of the tourist historical and educational excursion, which is current during the summer days, where the guides stop for a short break and the story of an impressive Roman cistern “In the middle of an olive grove,” which is like a dungeon to many. Looking forward to the first works, follow the pages of the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and the portal Murter NEWS for the latest information on the works!

Source: MurterNEWS

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