We attended a roundtable on “Climate Change – Challenges for Civil Protection”.

Datum objave: 26. February, 2020.

As part of celebrating Civil Protection Day, we participated in a roundtable on “Climate Change – Challenges for Civil Protection”. The round table was held in Knin, on 25 February 2020, organized by the Civil Protection Service of Šibenik in cooperation with the Šibenik – Knin County, the City of Knin and the “Marko Marulić” Polytechnic in Knin.

Climate change as a global phenomenon or phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges of our century for both the environment and society as a whole, with various impacts at the regional and local level. The scientific community warns that climate change cannot be avoided but can only mitigate its negative impact by implementing adaptation measures, especially in sectors that are vulnerable to climate change. Investing today means achieving the preconditions for sustainable development in the future.

For these reasons, 7 presenters had the opportunity to present their work and, through an interdisciplinary approach, bring together more detailed insights into the topic of climate change.

• Climate change or climate crisis

Daria Povh Škugor, PAP / RAC

• Path to climate change resilience in Šibenik-Knin County through the Coastal Plain and the Environmental Program

Sanja Slavica Matešić, County of Sibenik – Knin

• Flooding of the coast of Šibenik – Knin County – Flood risk management strategy

Lidija Fuštar, DHMZ

• Climate variability and management of extreme hydrological conditions in the Šibenik – Knin County

Jure Margeta, prof. Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy Split

• Educating and informing citizens about climate change and the dangers posed by them

Marko Jelić, Knin City

• Climate change and forests

Sanja Delić, Croatian Forests

• Open space fires – yesterday, today, tomorrow. Are we ready to resist climate change – prevention and security?

Darko Dukić, County of Šibenik Fire Department

The point of the roundtable was that climate change should be responded NOW and IMMEDIATELY because all predictions on the speed of climate change had fallen into the water. Climate change is much faster than expected, and we need to ADAPT to these changes and greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is not on the other side of the world – it is felt by firefighters, fishermen, farmers, but also by all of us who depend on the climate and depend on it in every segment of our existence. That is why politicians, civil servants and civil services, and all of us “ordinary” people, should take responsibility for ourselves. Climate change is not happening elsewhere and climate change (for our life) will certainly not be a mere past !!

Images were taken from https://radio.hrt.hr/

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