The online edition of the “Flavours from the Amphora” prize game.

Datum objave: 6. April, 2020.

Dear guests/visitors/lovers of Colentum and Murter, its culture and history,

At this time, with the start of the preseason in 2020, we planned to start a “Tastes from the Amphora” competition, in which participants popped up amphora replicas in the underwater Murter beaches and could thus win a prize dinner at one of the many Murter restaurants.

As a worldwide pandemic has prevented us from doing so, we have decided to release an online edition of this prize game on social networks, in a way to reward participants for creativity and loyalty to Murter!

How to participate?

On our Facebook profile, write your text about Murter / Colentum in the comment section below the contest post. This can be a description of your island memories, impressions, rhymes or the like. We are particularly interested in rewarding those records where you will mention the Colentum archaeological site and/or Murter’s gastronomic offer. Then share the post publicly on your profile.

Remember, the text must be your author’s work, be creative and imaginative!

Find out more about the prize game and its rules at

The Tastes from Amphorae Award is part of the ABC8 project implemented by the Argonauta association in cooperation with the Murter-Kornati municipality, Murter restaurants and in partnership with KUU Zaokret and the Turčinović family, with the faithful support of the Šibenik City Museum. PROJECT “ARCHAEOLOGICAL GOODS COLENTUM 8” FINANCES BY THE MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND FUNDS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (MRRFEU).

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