Datum objave: 14. July, 2020.

“SAIL – Adriatic cross-sectoral educational and social center for sustainable development of the island”

MURTER, July 14th, 2020

In the pleasant atmosphere of Beach Bar Lantana in Čigrađa Bay in Murter, a press conference was held this morning at 9.30 am with the aim of presenting to the public a new Murter EU project entitled “SAIL – Adriatic cross-sectoral educational and social center for sustainable island development” brought together a strong consortium of local and regional partners in the civil and public sectors.

Representatives of all organizations involved in this project shared their thoughts and expectations from the SAIL project.

Argonauta Development Director and Project Manager, Ivona Jadrić said that she was very pleased to be able to present this project on behalf of Argonauta and other project partners and associates, which brought together the most important CSOs in the Murter-Kornati municipality; Latinsko idro, KUU Zaokret, Branch of Matica hrvatska in Murter, Murterske bake and Drama amateurs Murter, then the Municipality of Murter-Kornati as a unit of local self-government and support organization, Eco-cluster CEDRU from Split and the University of Zadar. She added that their goal is to improve mutual cooperation, raise the quality of programs that everyone in their business offers to its customers. All this contributes to the capacity of organizations in different segments (professional, socio-entrepreneurial, project, etc.).

In addition, one of the results of the JEDRO project will be the new Murter social and co-working center, which will start operating in the 2nd year of the project after the adaptation of the space intended for the center. Argonauta will carry out the project organizationally and administratively, in which he has 15 years of experience through the project mode of operation and financing. This project is the realization of a long-term vision to transfer the experience of the Association to other associations in the local community in order to strengthen them, primarily for new ways of financing and development of their programs and to be able to make a greater contribution to local community development.

Ranko Milić, President of CEDRA from Split, said that CEDRA Split has participated from the very beginning of the project and its application for the tender for the revitalization of publicly owned space through a partnership of CSOs and local communities through the Operational Program “Effective Human Resources” 2014. – 2020 The greatest contribution to the CEDRA project will be given as process leaders and the introduction of a model of participatory management of public spaces and the development of social entrepreneurship for local partner associations.

The president of the Matica hrvatska branch in Murter, Mande Turčinov-Ježina, pointed out that the Matica hrvatska branch in Murter cooperates with numerous stakeholders involved in this project through its publishing activities and programs of events in the field of culture, science, research and the like. The Branch hopes that the JEDRO project will strengthen their activities and that they will connect more strongly with other partners and associates in the project, and in that synergy offer their users a richer program through the work of the new social center.

Tina Skračić, an employee of the Latinsko idro association, said that the association through the JEDRO project still wants to contribute to the preservation of Murter tradition and way of life, and especially to brand a sailing school for the youngest and thus pass the tradition to new generations and design and strengthen new programs to different user groups. Secretary of KUU Zaokret, Mate Skračić, said that Zaokret, through this project, among other things, wants to ensure better human capacity for the association because everything is currently done on a volunteer level, in the free time of its members. And the person who would work in the association as a program coordinator through the JEDRO project will certainly contribute a lot to make the program implemented by Zaokret professional and more visible in the local community, on the music scene and the general public.

Jelena Ćurić, representative of the Carnival Association of Murter Carnival (BAKE) said that this association will continue to brand Murter BAKE through the JEDRO project as an event that has huge potential for further development and that they plan to add new year-round activities to be designed during the project.

Dorjana Juraga, secretary of the Murter Drama Amateurs, emphasized that drama amateurism in Murter has lasted for almost a century, more precisely since 1922. Therefore, the plan is to mark this great anniversary with dignity, and they hope that the SAIL project will give them a “wind in the back”.

Finally, Toni Turčinov, Mayor of Murter-Kornati, concluded that projects such as JEDRO are extremely important because they include people, locals who give full meaning to such projects. He said that the Municipality will provide the infrastructure for this project in the form of space for a community center and all the necessary logistical support because the Municipality wants to provide local associations with the best possible working conditions, and thus progress.

The press conference was followed by the signing of a Partnership Agreement on the project with all partners and associates and a more detailed presentation of the project to local stakeholders from the public, civil and private sectors, which was presented by the project manager.

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